rest easy – hope you’re okay

Learning to navigate through negativity takes immense strength, opting to break the latch to paradise could be the lifeline that’s needed, but idyllic places are hard to come by, and love has so many flaws it’s ludicrous. Cutting up the rule book and being true to yourself is more fruitful than making it to the promised land, and there’s this act which knows their worth, and they know paradise can be a pipedream. Through their melodic songs, they scream lividly, about the world and its failings, its pessimistic traits.

Rest Easy play fast punk rock at such an unparalleled level. It’s loud, it’s unapologetic, and it’s fierce like a red eyed animal. Through and through, their album Hope You’re Okay, is a trailblazer for other bands to listen to and to take notes from. The percussion smashes the atmosphere like a hammer blow, and those rip roaring guitar notes shudder the landscape of punk so much it’s beautifully imperfect.

Hope You’re Okay shows an urgency that can be lost in punk these days. Rest Easy don’t rest, they play pulsating music which doesn’t caress the soul, but brings it out for a few moments, to see the drama unfold. Dirty Work starts this behemoth off. Such intensity brings forward anarchy, and the lyrics detail broken moments, and the world falling apart. The rush of guitars adds guile. Hey Maxine, is an intelligent slant, and the ferocious instrumentals and gritty vocals merge profoundly. It’s a snappy, raw affair. On The Outside starts with a slower frequency and the melodies become a mainstay. It’s a thrilling, heartfelt contribution.

Rest Easy delivers an astounding punk rock album, which doesn’t follow a template or any sort of trend. They’re such a unique unit of musicians, who show in real integrity and musicianship.   

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