Ryan Getz Acquainted with Jagalchi

By Ryan G

My 2024 began with an early morning drive home at about 1:30AM. My soundtrack? A band from that nexus where Michigan, Illinois and Indiana meet. Their name? Jagalchi.

For those paying close attention to Tuned Up, one might recall a South Bend Bands to Watch feature we did a couple of years ago. You may be asking us, “Why didn’t you include this band on your list? SPACESHIPS, the post-gaze Tuned Up house band of sorts played a few shows with them.” Well, my friend, they actually formed early 2022 (the article was posted in early 2021). So, it’s time for a refresher in that region!

In any case, I’m (ashamedly) just now getting into this band. I know, they played Audiofeed. I know, they played Bloodline.

The mood they set when I was driving home to kick off 2024 seemed oddly appropriate. The roads were barren (at 1:30 AM on New Year’s that’s right in between the first wave of people going to bed right after midnight, and those wanting to party hard all night). While there are only 2 tracks on Spotify, this was sufficient to win me over to the way of thinking of my Indiana colleagues. Is it post rock? Is it post hardcore? Is there spoken word? Is it progressive rock? I’m not sure. This band is all of the above and none of the above. They inhabit that liminal space between adrenaline producing vibes and relaxation. Sometimes both effects happen in the same song. But the pensive nature of the riffing and melodies was appropriate for my reflective mood as I entered the new year. I’m getting married in 19 days. I just bought a house. It seems like some career shifts may be afoot. This could be a pivotal year for Audiofeed and Tuned Up. Everything is happening.

So, if everything is happening for you, take a breath and put on some Jagalchi on your next drive. Whatever you need as you restart your 2024 routine, they’ll probably complement your mood in a cathartic way.

Follow the band on Instagram. Here’s hoping for more music and shows this year! If I were a betting man, I’d bet on both. Stream the songs on Spotify below:

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