secrets – the collapse

Darkness wraps around everything here, and Secrets as a band are sourcing their sound from the echelons of metal. The Collapse is their note to the world and the monsters in their heads. And it may be an unnerving LP, but there is beauty in the music, a unconventional beauty, that springs into life through the sound. Although this is the case, the lyrics storm the brain and they aren’t charged towards a resolution, as the band is hurting so much it stings the world, too.

The evident hurt doesn’t become dispelled or eradicated, it only becomes more of a burden. The record states this hurt as a massive affliction, but the band do not sugar-coat their feelings to fit in. They let them fly like a raven through the darkness of night. Every scream means something, every growl wakes the people lost in slumber, and every technical riff invigorates.

With The Collapse, Secrets, don’t go by the rules or by any systematic venture. And their music isn’t muddled either, it’s pure as it can be, pushing the act to the stage where everything opens without the need to barge through. Properly ready and equipped with sincerity and integrity, the band just need to dazzle.

The album starts with The Collapse. Those screams and growls stagger in. The clean vocals then cool the fire. It is a frantic opening. The Drift is piano laden, and the vocals soften the blows. The song doesn’t rage on. Glory features those trademark screams and those landmark riffs. That chorus describes fight and hope, giving the track a needed infusion. The Let Down is a fast and volatile swansong, adding tension and unapologetic lyrics.

Secrets do not adhere to anything, especially trends. The Collapse blows down pretension, and it offers intelligent song writing.

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