[Song Premiere] Adoremus – I Pray We’ll Be Okay

Toledo’s Adoremus are set to release their second single this year on Friday, but we’re excited to give you an exclusive first look at the track. The band mixes emo and alternative influences with lyrics of doubt, fear, and faith. This time around, the band wrestles with finding pillars of hope in the midst of pain and uncertainty—the power of familial bonds, communal ties, and spiritual redemption. Addictions and short tempers may test our relationships, but it’s worth bearing with one another to see the other side. Love by nature is costly.

Ultimately, it’s one of the, if not the, best tracks the band has released. Production is solid, and the composition of the song plays with plenty of nostalgic pseduo-punk and and indie elements for a result that is simply successful. Listen below:

You can find Adoremus on Facebook and Instagram.

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