sophie powers – red in revenge ep

17-year-old punk starlet Sophie Powers’ sheer determination shouldn’t go unnoticed. The musician has become a star in a short period, and her music has an attitude, and it has quickly warmed the hearts of the punk faithful. She says it as it is too, mesmerising us with her voice, her style and boldness, spearheading a movement, and a no nonsense approach. Yes, there are poppy elements to this sound, but they don’t filter the angst, and the powerful statements.

This signature sound has been created by someone fearless and in pursuit of greatness. And Powers is only 17, and has a bright future ahead, committing to her music and her thoughts. Red In Revenge is her opus, her candid, brave, EP of courage. She doesn’t hold back at any moment, and she rages against the grain here, saying what she wants when she wants, and it’s plausible.

The songs are pop fuelled, with punk undertones, creating a hybrid style, which can only be good. And the fresh faced singer/songwriter knows no bounds, and lyrics tell tales of love being torn apart, and these tracks aren’t just sounds, they tell us that Powers has moments when she feels under pressure.

There are seven tracks on this EP. Life Goes On is a poppy contribution, and it has a melancholic feel, though it picks up. Powers describes damage first hand, and the chorus fits in well with the riff. See Me!! starts with pop elements, and Powers conveys through her lyrics that she feels the constraints of life, and perfectionism goes under the spotlight. At moments, she seems like she’s struggling. 1 Thing (with Kellin Quinn) opens with hard-hitting percussion, and a technical riff. Lyrically, Powers describes the lack of integrity.

Sophie Powers is young and ready for the fight, and her EP Red In Revenge shows this wholeheartedly.  

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