The High Definitions – self titled EP

By Ryan G

The High Definitions are a relatively new band to the Columbus, OH scene at large. The three piece I first discovered at Worst Kept Secret Fest, a hotbed for underground talent from the region.

The Cincinnati natives recently relocated to Columbus and this self titled EP is testament to why word is spreading like wildfire across the local scene. I’m a bit of a novice (still!) when it comes to the technical terms needed to help differentiate the five songs from one another. So, I’ll try to tell you how it makes me feel as a whole – why you should pay attention.

It never ceases to amaze me how large of a sound three pieces can create. The most prolific example of this phenomenon today is probably Muse – but High Definitions exudes this characteristic in principle only – not stylistically (unless we’re discussing everything on the rock spectrum). The trio permeates the airwaves with a throwback blues-rock type sound. I can’t say for sure if people would want to mosh (although I recently saw a pit open up during a psych-rock set, so I can’t make concrete statements about this anymore) but the tunes are dang groovy. The single “99 Times” is the most accessible of the five, and serves as a perfect introduction to the band.

Opposite the accessibility of “99 Times” is “Lock and Key”, which throws us for a loop with its triply intro yet takes us back in time with its groove and distinctive guitar breakdown. Consider these 2 tracks bookends, if you will, on the shelf that houses the range of High Definitions. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the three rocks a little too hard and knocks aside the proverbial bookend as the band continues to grow, experiment, and mature. This EP is a fun one.


The High Definitions Bandcamp | Facebook page

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