The Hollywood North Files – [CA]se Study #001: Zeko Deshoda : One More Time : YYC

‘One More Time’ is a blessed approach to a hybrid genre from Canada’s own Zeko Deshoda. It’s a bouncy electronic dance production, with a hip-hop sorbet kind of aftertaste. I am instantly reminded of my favourite releases by LA-based producer, ZHU, such as ‘Cocaine Model’, and ‘In The Morning’.

“I made this out close to Radium Hot Springs. My brother-in-law owns a cabin close to there and I brought all my gear to their cabin for ten days. I sat down and said: ‘I am producing the rest of the album this week’. What really came out of (the trip) was this track and my second single, ‘Tidal Wave’.”

The hook “One more time” rings cleanly and naturally over top of the buttery Japanese funk-inspired bass line. Forget what they say about change; you can reinvent yourself if the wind blows a new direction for you. And that’s just what Calgary-born solo artist and producer Zach Shelly has done here.

“Still don’t think I’m high enough

Let me hit it one more time

Never getting high enough

Eager just touch the sky.”

The lyrics as a whole set out to describe the never-ending thirst that is better known as addiction. This track is merely a precursor to the unleashing of musical energy we will experience on April 27th when Deshoda’s third full-length album ‘Palm Court’ hits the shelves. Make room, River Tiber; Western Canada has garnered another prodigy producer, and his waves will be felt cross-court. coming April 10th. Stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music as well. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

-Taylor Odishaw-Dyck

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