Thursday Marks Fall – Take Me Back to the Beginning

Deeply poignant and emotive, this collection of songs by emo band Thursday Marks Fall, takes the breath away, and while optimism becomes shrouded in, the act does well to use their impressive talents, keeping the sound from being muffled by restraint.  

The lyrics come from a dark place on this release, and the band don’t hold back on revealing their mishaps and woes through words of purpose. Every lyric takes centre stage, offering the listener poetry and angst, wordplay of the highest order. The narrative burst is appealing, unnerving, but extremely cohesive and lashed in quality. 

The band has certainly rearranged emo and have given it a face-lift. On Take Me Back To The Beginning, the act shows their musical muscle confidently even if the pain lingers. Sin Cos and Tan opens the record with a slow build up until the guitars break in, giving that needed push and intensity. It delivers honesty, and the emo sounds perfectly. Lyrically, the band describe agonizing truths.  

How Could I Know? Starts with an empowering guitar moment, and the vocals sound brooding. It engages on such a high level, securing a blast of energy, while the lyrics tell us that the band is under the weight of the world.   

But Yesterday begins slowly, until the guitars gain momentum, and the lyrical wonders keep on coming. It’s an emo gem, certifying the band as purveyors of the genre. 

Thursday Marks Fall is an exciting band, gravitating towards the big time, and their emo sounds are valid.  

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