timeshares – limb

This band is searching for a release, and a place to rest their tired bones, even when their minds are rattling and their hearts are belting. Timeshares is a punk band, portraying through their writings, desolation and haunting scenarios, while playing their fingers to the bone, and screaming for more energy. The music is packed full of plotlines, and there’s sub-plots also underneath, like layers of skin.

These guys focus on their music like a mad scientist does so with experiments. The music has been painstakingly produced, and it has been created with passion and the right amount of balance. And Limb is their album of problematic times, shattered dreams, drunken mishaps, and youthful abandonment.

The music carries melodies and harmonies, and the guitar work beefs up the whole experience, though not all songs are loud, as acoustic flair also becomes a mainstay. This acoustic charm soothes and calms, and it’s a welcomed addition. And the lyrics, well, can be brazen and insightful, depicting sorrowful days, fights, hardships and subsiding hope.

It’s all memorable though, and the band tries to conquer their fears by placing their hearts and minds on the line. Their hearts belt out in sync, their minds are wired to the music, with sincerity being spared. 11 songs make up this album. Siren Sound crashes in and purposefully pulls at the emotions. Regret and desolated dreams interweave, and becomes a main plot. Still Awake is an acoustic song that poetically describes the days when the river is cold and the world weighs heavily. King Of Shame showcases well rounded percussion, and the guitar riff escalates, while the vocals creep in. It’s another poetically enhanced track.

Timeshares is a band saluting punk rock, and they’ve instilled their own slant, and have detailed through Limb, that they’re trying to withstand the wars and the impact of soured love.

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