Together In Dust Release Their Latest Single, “Sunny Morning”

It’s been about a year since we mentioned Together in Dust when they released their single “Fire & Embers.” Since then they have continued to work on new material and play some shows sporadically. This week brings their latest single, “Sunny Morning” which is sure to be just as much of musical delight as their previous singles over the past year.

As previously mentioned on “Fire & Embers,” “Sunny Morning” carries strong comparisons to the late mewithoutYou (RIP). However, “Sunny Morning” also carries some influences pulled from How It Feels To Be Something On by Sunny Day Real Estate. The combination of the two weaves a beautifully ornate soundscape that continues to expound upon the sound that Together in Dust excels at. If you’ve seen the band play live then you’ll be familiar with the track as they have had it on their setlist for a while, but are finally able to offer up a recorded version.

“Sunny Morning” opens in a rather simplistic manner, but manages to keep a very ethereal melody that structures the framework of the track. [Nate] Hicks vocal approach on “Sunny Morning” carries a unique variation to his usual spoken word stylings as the delivery seems to be more “laissez faire” that both blends and contrasts with the delivery of the chorus. As the track progresses it solidifies the band’s unique approach to their craft. It is a catchy track that manages to create intrigue , especially for those unfamiliar with the band.

“Sunny Morning” is available now on all streaming and digital platforms with merch available via Bandcamp.

You can catch Together in Dust this summer at Audiofeed in Urbana, IL.

You can connect with Together in Dust on social media via Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram.

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