Zoo Trippin’ – Who Are We Now?

By Ryan G

The album art (credit to Ryan Jones for the art by the way) for this record is a trip. A painted devil-lady with an attitude serving as a moniker for an album called “Who Are We Now?” It feels like some sort of metaphor for the darkness within, or something.

Okay Ryan, don’t overanalyze this. Zoo Trippin’ just wants you to party. I mean, think about what’s important in life. But also party. And they are back with a full length – their first in nearly 5 years. A month or two to marinate, and this release will be ready for some good ol’ festival season promo.

On the topic of festivals, I’ve always found it noteworthy that Zoo Trippin’ seem to frequent the festival circuit amongst a plethora of funk and jam bands. Zoo Trippin’s sound has been getting progressively more accessible and radio friendly, yet that audience doesn’t seem to be who’s listening to the band and going to their shows. I have to commend the band for their subtle progression, becoming more accessible yet carrying with them their devotion to classic rock and roll. You can hear that classic swagger in Tony Casa’s vocals very notably in “Square One” as the song comes to a climax.

The album is multifaceted yet consistent. Some poppy production can be heard on the album opener “Feelin'” which has the vibe of the next summer BBQ hit. “On the Run” is catchy and whimsical. “Any Way I Can Get It” is bouncy and infectious. “Geronimo” pummels and punches (but isn’t a Five Finger Death Punch – heh). “Couch Song” inspires contemplation – you can hear a hint of desperation here, but the song is careful not to leave the listener in a place that’s too low.

I can say that nothing on this album surprises me. Well, almost nothing – that electronic production to kick things off definitely got my attention. But overall I find it enjoyable and fun, and an emphasis of the lane that Zoo Trippin’ is carving for themselves.

So, who is Zoo Trippin’ now? Why don’t ya listen to the record and find out?

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