A Quirky Q&A with Teddy at Night

By Ryan G

In March of 2022, I found myself in a club in Nashville, TN called The Underdog. It was bar with the vibe of almost a roadside truck stop, albeit with a Nashville flair. My buds in VEAUX were playing and I figured the show was the perfect excuse to road trip down from my hometown of Columbus, OH for a long weekend and catch up with some pals and do the ol’ thing of cruising town for new bands.

I spotted a guy who looked a bit familiar, hanging out by the back. He was clearly having a good time. I meandered up and somewhat sheepishly asked “are you Teddy at Night?” I could tell he wasn’t used to random normies asking him that question by his reaction (well, I felt like a normie compared to most of who was in attendance, anyway). It was a fun conversation that included us trying to facetime our mutual friend/acquaintance Jesse Cale back home in Columbus (he didn’t pick up, sadly). And another new face to me that night (Motherly Jet) asked me if I knew Jeremy Steckel (of Wolves at the Gate, and current band member of LUI and Brightest London). Small world, huh?

I’ve been peripherally aware of Teddy At Night for a couple of years now, in part via write ups on Indie Vision Music (a music blog I’ve followed for a long-ass time), seeing him perform with Brasko once at a Vesperteen concert at Analog (this was pre-pandemic), and just tags by Instagram mutuals. So, naturally he had to make one of our Nashville bands to watch lists.

And now here we are. Time for a quirky Q&A with this artist. Listen to his new cover of “Strangers Like Me” while you read. I think you’ll find him as entertaining as I have.

What would make up a Teddy at Night cocktail?

Mezcal, Green chartreuse, Lime Juice and Ancho Reyes Verde. Equal parts, Shaken, strained and sipped really slow. 

Many of your songs have an optimistic vibe to them – what would you most attribute this to?

Dancing. I like to dance, but I also like to think. If I can make music that makes you happy but also frees your mind a bit then my job is done. Even, when everything is royally fucked up, dancing or being a total fool seems to always help.  

If money/resources were no object – what would go into the production of a quintessential Teddy At Night live experience?

Orange Plexiglass stage. 

Couple-a lazers.

3D LED backdrop.

6 dancers making you feel good inside. 

I ride a drone for half of the show that basically looks like an orange shag magic carpet.

Boy Smell’s candle scent “Cowboy kush” in the air everywhere. 

Nathan and Mark in all leather behind a giant synthesizer spaceship

Everybody’s families are out on the road.

Equal pay.

All tickets are priced the same.

Shot of Mezcal with each ticket.

We only play the hits, obviously.

Ezra would play with those gloves that Imogen Heap has.

Phil Collins on drums.

And If resources were also not limited to reviving the dead, I’d throw Prince on guitar.

Shout out your friends/underrated pals here:

I believe everyone is truly underrated. Potential is endless. A few that I adore and will be household names someday: Motherly Jet, Righteous Minds, ….and Mason and Julia Gomez.

What’s encourages you about being an independent musician today? What do you find the most challenging?

Not much if I’m being honest. Haha. This game is changing everyday and it scares the shit out of me. Art/Music is at the core, so the main thing that encourages me is when I find other artists or musicians being purely themselves, I get high off of that. 

What, if anything, do you find to be an under-utilized opportunity in the music industry today?

Mystery. Everything is de-mystified so fast for the sake of explanation or sale. I think we could all benefit by shutting our mouths more (talking to myself).

What’s the most unique piece of music merch you own?

it would have to be INXS leggings that I stole from my wife who stole them from her mom who got them from an INXS show in the 80s.

What’s exciting to you in the Teddy at Night world at the moment?

I’m actually freaking out a bit at the amount of things I have for you guys coming soon. An EP in January backed up with my debut record coming in October hopefully. Gotta get my TikTok numbers up! 


Follow Teddy at Night on Instagram and TikTok (he even said it – gotta get those numbers up, so what are you waiting for?)

Photo By Jesse Paul

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