A singles roundup by Cobra

Ray Cobra is back. Jam these songs and then follow our New and Nifty playlist on Spotify!

Hawthorne Heights – “Dandelions”

I love it when bands release a single that has a throwback feel and that’s exactly what this is. This track
sounds like it could be on The Silence In Black And White. And the screams are a bit haunting If you
catch my drift. I’ve been listening to this nonstop since it’s release. If this is any indication of what a new
album could sound like, holy cow, get your black polish, girl jeans, and studded belts ready because we
are going back to 2005.

Jimmy Eat Word – “Place Your Debts”

Much like HH above this is a throwback. And on this cloudy dreary day, it seems just right. I get
excited about what is playing when I’m doing things and today I cannot wait to get home and blast this.
This track sounds like it easily could have been on Clarity or BA. But with that, Jimmy Eat World are a
band that has put out nothing but quality throughout their career and this is no different. I, like many
that I’ve seen on the interwebs, hope that this is the start of a new album.

Foreign Hands – “Tearing Down Your Reality”

I first came to know of Foreign Hands earlier in the year. I have this awful habit of getting into acts after
they have played Columbus. Not this time. A week after I heard them, I saw they were playing. Anyways,
this single much like their EP sounds like it could have been released in the early-mid 2000s alongside
acts such as From Autumn To Ashes, Poison The Well, and 18 Visions. Even the art work from this single
is something that looks from the mid 2000s that Derek Hess would have done.

A Tiger Made Of Lightning – “Track Star Calves”

During my “little retirement” from writing every once in a while, I’d hear a band and think, wow, I miss
writing about music. ATMOL are one of those bands. They just keep evolving with every release and this
new single is no exception. Mike O’Leary has become one of the best songwriters in Columbus. The
passion that he writes with is unparalleled at the moment. I am very curious where this band goes. If
early-mid 2000s post-hardcore was your poison, then do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Also be
looking for the release of their new EP on November 18th and then the release show is the next night at
The Summit.

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