Angels & Airwaves – Lifeforms

Rock band Angels & Airwaves are back with a melodic approach. A band that formed during the hiatus of pop punk band Blink 182 in 2006, break through the barriers of the same old and has created a record pure in its delivery. There are moments when the euphoric balance intertwines with harmonic, electronic, energy, and it makes for a heart racing listen. Lead singer Tom DeLonge, of Blink fame, uses his voice at different levels, abstaining from screaming out, but orchestrating it like a statement of intent.

Lyrically, DeLonge has implemented stories of euphoric times, and even times of mis-justice. He has written words that excite and inspire, and they are technical and poetic. He has raised the bar here, storming through his own mind, designing epic anecdotes, blaring out his voice with instant appeal. The band, also is methodological when approaching writing these ever-changing riffs, and diversity is key when exploring new avenues. And these musicians explore attentively.  

Lifeforms is on a larger scale compared to prior efforts. Every piece of its extravagance has been upgraded. It sounds like an epic score for a blockbuster movie too, and you will almost picture these characters trying to make it through an apocalyptic wasteland. And the band has shaped this story to engage and to make people wonder.

First off, we have Timebomb and its energetic and surreal at moments. DeLonge’s voice is faded at the start, then it powers through adding an infectious touch. He sings about a sad world and the art of discovery. Her heart is like a time-bomb. Euphoria starts with rough instrumentals and DeLonge’s signature vocal work, again he sings conveying a story about modern love and that girl. Losing My Mind has a certain groove, exploring the musical framework with tenacity. The chorus is catchy.

Angels & Airwaves bring back the energy here. Lifeforms is the perfect supplement for the seeker of honesty and clarity in a world where hope seems to be under a severe weight.     

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