Annoyed? You won’t be after you listen to these. [single reviews]

By Ryan G

Stay Outside – “Overboard”: This band has just been racking up a quirky list of endorsements lately. The music video for “Overboard” was filmed in a Frank Lloyd Wright house and is worthy of a feature in a Wes Anderson film. They were endorsed by Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull on Twitter. And now, we’re going to endorse them by saying “Overboard” is an uplifting, bouncy barnburner. Look for a big 2020 from these guys.

Sarob – “Scales”: Sarob in person is unassuming, approachable, and even a little shy. “Scales” takes that list of personality traits and firmly adds “smooth.” It’s a straightfoward track great for your next studying or driving soundtrack, with some commentary sure to make you think if you pay attention. And, Sarob definitely wants you to pay attention. He’s not the type to beat his ideas over the heads of folks – rather introduce via a pleasant flow. This is jazz influenced hip hop at its best.

Ol’ Sport – “Heart In Place”: Want an emo earworm with some experimental flair to it? Here ya go. Ol’ Sport is the moniker of Joe Leppanen, who you might know as our recently retired Tuned Up Podcast host. Retired, that is, to pursue projects like this one. His vocals are strong, and the overall vibe of the song has a grungy-alt feel to it that reminds of the defunct Tooth and Nail Records band Sent By Ravens. I like the contrast of Joe’s rich vocals with his lighter toned guitar playing; it reminds of some math rock acts.

The WLDLFE – “Replace It, Forget It”: All aboard the WLDLFE hype-train! It’s about time you do so with this bop of a track. I shouldn’t be saying that as a 30 year old dude, but oh well. Young-in’s and their slang, amirite? This song is enough to make me feel hip again, for a second. This is probably the catchiest tune I’ve heard from these guys – it’s a pile of fun and then some.

Paloma – “My Oh My”: You could call this group pop punk, but they’re so much more than that. Watching the music video, I find their joy contagious – especially that of the drummer. High energy bathed in sunshine, is the perfect way to describe the way this sound makes me feel. What can I say? This is quite the debut single. I’ll be honest – I have trouble keeping up with many of the artists I choose to write single reviews about, but this single motivates me to follow this band.

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