Caskets Offers Reflections

Sometimes when you spend an extended amount of time with an album it has the ability to really take on a life of its own. Reflections, the latest from UK based Caskets is a prime example of this. Upon an initial listen it will incite intrigue that will keep bringing you back until it has fully grown into a sonically driven tour de force.

Reflections delivers a wider picture of Caskets as a whole, born out of the usual interpersonal differences that all bands face at least once in their career. For some it marks the end, but for others it fosters a collaborative environment that pushes the music well beyond what has come before. “Difficult stuff happening made our relationship stronger because we’re now not afraid to voice our opinion and we know it will be respected,” Matt Flood notes, fittingly looking back on the moments that began to shape Casket’s hugely dynamic second record.

Reflections opens with “Believe” which wastes no time in showcasing the band’s growth and maturity since their debut. It delivers a punch and blends Matt Flood’s sonic vocals flawlessly. “More Than Misery” (featuring Telle Smith) follows and continues to showcase Caskets firing on all cylinders. “In The Silence” follows suit and fully embraces the more melodic side of hardcore which transitions well in to “Too Late” as it continues to show Flood’s sonic vocal delivery.

“By The Sound” flows fluidly with the rest of the album as it is crafted both intricately and beautifully in every aspect. The musical elements are lush and full and interwoven with the vocal delivery that really draws out the overall aesthetic of the track (and album as a whole). “Six Feet Down” has an interesting ebb and flow in comparison to the rest of the album as it carries a solid contrast throughout. “Silhouettes” takes a different approach as it is more of a mellow track than the rest of the album and includes some interesting elements within its soundscape that aren’t as prominent on any of the other tracks on the album.

“Guiding Light” puts things back in that sonic perspective as it ushers in the final act of the album. The track’s ability to embody everything Caskets is attempting to accomplish on Reflections made it the perfect lead single to the album and it is truly a standout track. “Hate Me” follows and carries a bit of a darker tone thematically than the preceding track, but it flows well and adds some additional contrast. “Better Way Out” closes out the album, but almost fills like a missed opportunity to close things out in a grander fashion. Lyrically and thematically it works. However, musically it almost feels too “radio friendly” and lacks a bit of the same tenacity found on the rest of the album. By no means is it a bad track, but as an album closer it feels a bit weak.

Ultimately, Reflections is noteworthy album that is sure to garner plenty of attention as it has legs. It’s simply not a one and done album that you can listen to and then move on. It will continue to draw you in with its melodic intricacies.

Reflections is out now via Sharptone Records and is available on major streaming and digital platforms. Physical copies can be purchased via the band’s webstore.

Caskets currently has a run of tour dates in the U.S. including Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

Caskets ft. Telle Smith – “More Than Misery” (Official Music Video)

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