Crown The Empire Release 10-Year Anniversary Acoustic Album “07102010”

The post-hardcore band Crown The Empire recently released a new acoustic album titled 07102010 via Rise Records. This album commemorates their 10-year anniversary combining songs from their entire catalogue into one beautiful, un-plugged masterpiece, including a mastered version of the 2018 demo released called “Everything Breaks.”

Starting off the album is “Aftermath,” originally released on the 2016 project Hologram, giving listeners a glimpse at the blissful world they’re about to enter as the album progresses. “Cross Our Bones” follows which was originally released on the 2015 deluxe version of The Resistance, taking a spin and really make this song it’s own on this project.

Other standout tracks off the album include “Johnny Ringo” which strips down its hardcore roots from the 2013 project The Fallout, giving this song an identity of its own with a haunting aura continuously present through the vocals and instrumentals.

“Second Thoughts” originally released off the 2014 album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways, seems to be a fan-favorite rendition so far. Some say it’s the most underrated off the original release and the acoustic presents itself in ways unthought possible. “MZRY” gives listeners a darker feel than the original song itself, off of the 2019 album Sudden Sky. Ending the album is the 2018 demo, “Everything Breaks” which while at the time it was made didn’t fit the “normal” direction the band was known for, brings it all together seen in the lyrics below:

“If all you had was just one moment, would you be leaving it all up to me?  If you could freeze frame this emotion, would you resent the way you think of me?”

This album really encompasses ten years full-circle, showing that the band not only can produce chart-topping rock music, but also create renditions igniting a whole new set of emotions giving these songs life in a completely new way.

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