Ghost Soul – Life Awake

Plop yourself into the world of Columbus indie-electronic band Ghost Soul, and you’ll most likely find yourself getting lost in the group’s immersive musicality. It’s an interesting world to get disoriented in, with sporadic drumming, electrifying synths, and gooey vocals that take listeners down a daunting yet worthwhile trail. Listening to Ghost Soul is an experience rich with involved electronic layerings and introspective lyrical yearnings; a listen that can be both challenging yet highly rewarding. Ghost Soul’s latest single “Life Awake” is no different.

Riding the success of its 2019 album Too Many Futures, Ghost Soul seems to have not gotten too far off the track of its pure, astrological sound with “Life Awake.” While listening to the previous Ghost Soul LP, I would often find myself actively immersed. Knowingly lost in songs that, at times, sound like a waterfall of electronic noises rushing over your head and past your ears. Full-on immersion. As evidenced by “Life Awake,” Ghost Soul has continued to improve on its active musical hypnosis. 

While some Ghost Soul tracks kick off the party right away, “Life Awake” is more on the slow-build side of tracks like “Heartbreak” and “Afraid to Begin.” There is always an intricately interesting element intertwined within this band’s music even when it’s not apparent from the first note. What you hear from the get-go on “Life Awake” is a mellow pool of synths and guitars. A very calming aura that – just before the two-minute-and-twenty-second mark – picks up the pace and evolves into an auspicious psychedelic smash. This slow build is almost unnoticeable, but your emotions will rise with the track’s rousing flow nonetheless.

“Life Awake” – as evidenced in the pretty great, pretty fun music video – is a song about change. The lyrics directly reference this: “Change will come in the autumn.” As does the accompanying visual, which shows the separate paths that unfold when the video’s main character is met with the decision of moving to Chicago to take on a great job offer. The other option would be to stay and grow the close relationships they’ve already harvested. The goofy elements of the “Life Awake” music video keep the mood light despite the serious nature of the plot.

Whatever Ghost Soul has in store next, “Life Awake” is a solid indication that the band continues to build on its chemistry and architect its electronic dreamworld.                                            

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