Glass Heart – Weathered

Massive choruses and impactful words are interwoven into this EP by Glass Heart. The songs are loud and unpretentious, heartfelt and sorrowful, spearheading emotion and an unbreakable desire. Music like this has the power to change perceptions. It has those electrifying moments which connect on a higher level, and Glass Heart has certainly managed to design a record that exudes deep thought. Times are also hard and the band knows the clock is ticking, and the world isn’t so attractive anymore.

Weathered have those colossal choruses, those forceful segments, which ignite fires in the bellies and the mind. It carries poignant traits too, and while the music has resounding moments, it’s the emotion that shudders through emphatically and purposefully. These musicians feel the brush of anxiety, and they’re trying to find a remedy for their broken spirits. Often, the songs become bases for the sorrow to crash onto, and while the band sing and play, they still feel the effects of a common affliction, hurt.

The EP starts with Anything. It’ a slow build up until the emphatic guitars come in and dress the song in hooks. Those vocals are commanding, and emotions bursts in, leaving a lasting effect. Always On My Mind is a raucous heart-puller, and the band directs the chorus like a missile into the thick atmosphere. It’s a highlight. Right From The Start rides through many styles, and the guitar riff merges well with those leading vocals. The song conveys strength and desire.

Glass Heart tries to envisage a gracious outcome. Their music is poignant and driven, and Weathered comes in as their statement, their note to the world. 

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