Josh Morris Premieres “Ready For Your Love”

While many artists have tapped into the fascinating sounds of the 80s, there’s been a resurgence of sounds even further back – be it soulful arrangements, big band instrumentation, or crooned vocals. It’s a sound rife with optimism, and when done well, it results in some truly captivating ideas.

Josh Morris’ “Ready For Your Love” is one such song: mix crisp guitar with ornamental synth lines, pair it off with Sean McVerry-esque vocals, and cap it all off with restrained percussion for a summer retro-pop hit. The call-and-response vocals are just the first taste of the track’s great production. It’s a song that feels immediately familiar, yet at the same time it’s hard to break the whole down to any specific components. Morris himself does note The 1975 and John Mayer in his commentary, though admittedly I find the approach on this song to lean far more toward the indie side. It is human. It is bright. It is simply fun.

“Ready For Your Love” sets the bar high – it’s Morris’ first single actually, but it’s proof he has an incredible grasp on composition. No single part is too complex or daunting, but everything comes together magically.

Check it out below and stay tuned for more to come.




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