Kellin Quinn Releases New Single “Home” Off Solo-Project Downer Inc.

Kellin Quinn, (vocalist for Sleeping with Sirens) recently released his latest single “Home” from his solo-project Downer Inc, which he released an EP under last September called Whatever This Is. Working with Julian Comeau (vocalist for the band Loveless), Tyler Smyth (Dangerkids), and drummer Nick James, another cinematic masterpiece was created!

Immediately while listening one of the personal standout lyrics from the song is: “You’ve figured out that the American Dream is not what they said, it’s not what it seems.” We’re taught we need to work hard and all our dreams will come true, and while this may be true for some, the majority have to overcome many obstacles. Oftentimes life throws us in several different directions leaving us lost and confused on the “what’s next.” We can get so caught up in the future we sometimes fail to stop and live in the moment, no matter how hard it may be sometimes. This song is a reminder that better things are to come.

Kellin responded to a tweet explaining the meaning behind “Home” which you can read below.

Overall, the song really “hits home” combining the everyday worries and personal anxieties with the notion that nothing in life will ever work out as imagined and reminds us to be grateful for the smaller things in life. Similar to “Letdown” from the Whatever This Is EP, I strongly feel like this could be a great song to complement the end of a movie. You can order merchandise and listen to Downer Inc here.

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