Mayfly Releases New Single “Pretty Ending”

“Mayfly is a Montreal based duo composed of singer-songwriters, Charlie and Emma. They are self-produced and are at the head of all artistic, visual and creative aspects of the project. They are proud to push their art forward as two young women in the music industry trying to inspire other women like them to own their place. The essence of Mayfly is to create a safe space for all listeners to escape from their reality through the duo’s musical and visual universe.”

The above introduction is taken from the most recent press release for Mayfly’s latest single, “Pretty Ending” (August 23rd). Prior to seeing said press release Mayfly wasn’t even a blip on my radar. However, upon checking out “Pretty Ending” and knowing that there is a full length on the horizon it is much more than a blip on my radar.

“Pretty Ending” is a mellow ethereal track that has a slight hip hop groove underlying some semi smooth jazz vocals for a unique combination that plays well off of one another. To the casual listener it would be easy to draw similarities to Billie Eilish, but the big difference is that Mayfly doesn’t come across as “mumbly” as Eilish can at times. Additionally, the track is atmospheric and encapsulates the listener. The only “flaw” is the length of the track as it is less than 3 minutes long.

With “Pretty Ending” being only a glimpse of what is to come it has definitely piqued my interest in the full album and gained it a spot as one of my most anticipated albums for 2023. The track will be highlighted on Mayfly’s debut album, due out in early 2023 via Duprince.

Be sure to check out “Pretty Ending” via the major streaming platform of your choice here.

Mayfly – “Pretty Ending” Official Lyric Video

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