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Sometimes meeting people is like meeting a band. What I mean by that is there are times when you see an artist’s name everywhere you like, and then eventually you cave and listen to them. Wait, maybe I’m the only one that does that. LOL!!! Anyways that’s how I felt about Mak Lucarelli. I kept seeing her name all over social media and I would always see her at shows, with a camera in her face, so I would never say hi. Eventually, I saw her without a camera and I introduced myself. And as they say, the rest is history.

Over the past year or so I’ve watched her and her brand grow into something extraordinary. Bummer Brews started as just a magazine. And now she has her hand in everything and I absolutely love it. Scenes need people like her. She had a vision and she went for it. Now you can find her still shooting shows, but she is a manager, she books shows, and whatever else there is, she does it. So when Bummer Brews Fest became a thing, I knew I wanted to chat with her, so here we are.

Bummer Brews Fest is this weekend, Friday and Saturday here in Columbus. On Friday it’s at Big Room Bar with a lineup of This Summer, Undergrads, Arlen Gun Club, Saturdays At Your Place, and more. Then on Saturday, it’s at Ace of Cups with acts such as A Tiger Made of Lightning, Overgrow, Jetty Bones, Michael Cera Palin, and more. Tickets are $18.00 each day.

Tuned Up: What are the origins of the Bummer Brews name?

Mak L: When I was a teenager, I wanted to open a coffee shop that played emo/pop punk/alternative/etc throughout the day, and that’s where the name stemmed from, hence our coffee theme! Who knows if it’ll ever happen, but hopefully someday!

Tuned Up: Bummer Brews is everywhere these days. What do you offer/do?

Mak L: We are an online & print publication, a promotion agency with consistent shows in Columbus, Birmingham, and NYC/Long Island area, and an artist management & booking agency!

Tuned Up: Where did the idea to do a fest come from? And why did you want to do one?

Mak L: When I started booking shows in Columbus, I wanted to start a more DIY-esque annual fest in Ohio, especially with Sad Summer ramping up to be a larger scale fest & the lack of Snowed In the past few years (2 fests that I adore). I wanted to be able to give local artists the chance to play with artists they adore (Looking at You, Jetty Bones) & create a fun experience for the local scene. I’m also hoping it can introduce fans of the larger artists on the bill to new

local artists!

Tuned Up: What’s next for you and Bummer Brews?

Mak L: We are pretty comfy where we are right now! We’re hoping to continue booking shows & expand our horizons in terms of artists we work with and places we book. I’d also love to do a winter fest.

Tuned Up: What is your favorite aspect of the Columbus scene?

Mak L: How supportive everyone is of each other. From the second I joined this scene, everyone welcomed me with open arms and I see so many familiar faces at every show I go to. Everyone is happy to be here and happy to be supporting art and it’s so refreshing.

Tuned Up: What is your favorite coffee?

Mak L: I love cold brew & iced lattes! I’m also a barista, and my current favorite is the White Chocolate Macadamia Cold Brew at Starbucks.

Tuned Up: Who are some Ohio artists our readers should be listening to?

Mak L: I could go on for hours. Cataracts, Sign Language, Undergrads, A Tiger Made of Lightning, This Summer, Fleshpile, Mudwhale, Brave Face, As It May, Arlen Gun Club, Palette Knife, Kill Gosling, Unseen Keys, I literally could list a million more. Ohio on top!!!!

Tuned Up: Best festival you have been to?

Mak L: I had a lot of fun at Sad Summer Fest the past few years. I have to say Snowed In 2019 probably takes the cake for the best.

Tuned Up: Favorite Summer Activity?

Mak L: I really like roller skating & biking! My friends and I love to just sit outside in a park to hang out.

Tuned Up: What is your favorite summer beverage?

Mak L: Matcha lemonade is the best!

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