Q&A with Nickname Jos

Tell me your story:

I started playing music when I was like 3 or 4. I was so obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. I picked apart the theme song by ear on piano. My parents got me into piano lessons. Started lessons when I was 4 or 5. I have been around music my whole life because my parents are hobby musicians. My sister is also into music, she sings with an a capella group. I started taking music more seriously junior year of high school. I was playing hockey, and with school and everything I had to choose between music or ice hockey. I chose music. I was in a couple of bands in high school, so I started looking for music colleges. Once I went to college I started experimenting with writing and recording. Being around Jake Smith (Legit Smitty) really inspired me to write. Then I started recording and releasing music.

Tell me more about your bands in high school:

I was in a band called twin films, my friend started this band and I played with him all throughout high school. When I went to college I couldn’t play in the band anymore, but he still plays with that band and works on that project.

When did you start writing songs?

When I first started writing songs I wrote a lot of songs but didn’t finish them. “Mix” was the first song I actually finished, and I released it.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Right now my biggest influences are my friends like The Band Mercury, Hannah Cole, Billie!, Legit Smitty (Jake Smith) and Bea Bitter (Brenna).

Tell me about your first show.

My first show for my solo project was last summer, it was a house show with boy cam. The show was in their backyard. I played with my best friend who still plays in my band now. It was super fun because there were a bunch of people there I didn’t know. I was super nervous and it was super hot and I was wearing jeans. Through the pandemic everything was on the internet, so it was so cool to do something in real life.

What are your biggest accomplishments as an artist?

I think I am proud of the art that I make. It always feels good to have support from people I don’t know as well as my family. Making music has made me so many friends. I’m also happy to say that being honest with myself is a huge accomplishment. Making something honest and being supported when you do is my biggest accomplishment.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve got a song coming out on AUG 26th, it’s a collaboration with my best friend Dawson. It’s a really crazy song. It doesn’t sound anything like what I’ve released already.

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