Some new singles that I really enjoy

A Tiger Made Of Lightning – “The Time Spent”

If this single is any indication of what this Columbus, OH post-hardcore band is about to unleash upon the world later in the year, we are not ready. While the song about Vocalist/guitarist Mike O’Leary just seating around with his wife watching TV, it still hits home and goes so hard. As a society, we get caught up in so much stuff that we sometimes forget what matters, it’s moments like just sitting around with a loved one is all we need. At that moment, that’s all that matters and it’s perfect.

Keep Flying – “Transparency”

It wouldn’t be summertime without some new ska tunes, and the Keep Flying boys have us covered. This is a band that gets better with every release. This is a very fun song and it leaves you the listener wanting more. If you are a ska fan, you will enjoy this song, and if ska is new to you, this is a good introduction. As Keep Flying are one of the better band within the ska realm these days. They have a new album on the way and I’m super excited for it. If you are local to Columbus, they will be at Rumba Cafe this Thursday with Mest.

Resignation – “Back And To The Left”

Covers, let’s talk about covers for a second. I love covers. They are so much fun. I may have a few different cover playlists on Spotify. So having said that Resignation, a post-hardcore band from Toledo, OH, a band you should know has released a stunning cover of “Back And o the Left”, by emo heroes Texas Is The Reason. They have made this their own and I’m here for it. I hope they add to their live set. Zach Godwin of the North Carolina band Sparing even does some guest vocals. To give it a little extra kick, they got the legendary J. Robbins to produce the single. It is available on Bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds go to Hope For The Day.

Closer – “Lake of Shells”

This song is on a compilation put together by Jeremy Bolm of Toche Amore. So right away you know it’s gonna be good. Closer is a 3-piece Skramz band from NYC/Philly/Pittsburgh. They take their cue from bands like P. 99, City of Caterpillar, circle Takes The Square, and more. This song very much is that sound. It’s beautifully chaotic. The aspect that sticks out to me is the vocals.

Zonezero – “Parasite”

The Columbus kings of nu-metal are back and in a big way. I like the direction of this single. it’s exciting. While they have always had a nu-metal sound, they have expanded on that sound, and boy is it exquisite. Vocalist Jordan Sloan just keeps getting better. Before this band I just knew of him as a drummer and bassist, but man he is one hell of a vocalist as well. I love the growth. If Sevendust, Static-X, and Spineshank are your poison, I highly recommend giving this song a listen.

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