Premiere: Antlerhead has seen it all. Hear how

I’ve been impressed with Ty Bush’s voice from the moment I first heard it on an Antlerhead song. His ability to go from soft crooning one minute to emphatic screaming the next is a testament to the incredible amount of control he has over his own vocal chords. The band’s brand new single “Seen It All,” which is simply further proof of that control, releases everywhere tomorrow, but we have it premiering right now on the blog.

“Seen It All” is best characterized by this steady, gradual build that takes place for much of the song’s four minutes and twenty seconds. It all starts with this soft, beautiful sonic nature that harkens back to the band’s 2019 collaboration with Sherri DuPree of Eisley, the Am I Dreaming cut “Ok.” Where “Seen It All” differs though is with this subtle yet undeniable drum groove that persists throughout the life of the track. Meanwhile, the song’s lyrics channel a pensive, reflective energy that has become fairly commonplace for an Antlerhead tune. Together, the drum groove and Bush’s lyrics leave the door open for this cathartic release that happens first about three minutes in, and then again at the very end of the track. The first occurrence is preempted by this profound spoken interlude, an interlude which serves as the perfect setup for the ensuing release. From there, Bush returns to the song’s refrain one last time before “Seen It All” reaches its second moment of catharsis to punctuate things. Both times, you can feel the emotion at its most intense points, something that really sticks with you, not only as you’re listening to the song but also after it has concluded.

Be sure to pre-save “Seen It All,” as the tune is available everywhere to stream and download starting tomorrow, and follow the band on Instagram to stay up to date with all Antlerhead happenings.

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