Taylor Kelly’s “Sabotage” is Electro-Rock Angst

Taylor Kelly’s latest single “Sabotage” doesn’t hide its dark overtones – its video has a red and black color scheme that fits with the song’s icy beat and main hook of “All you do is try to sabotage me”. It’s edgy but soulful all the same. There’s a certain aesthetic at play that might be a bit deceptive – this is arguably closer to pop than goth – but take the song on its own and you’ll find a broken-hearted rock track with a fair amount of electronic elements at play. The video is professional but leans more toward a mood than a story. Even so, with limited locations and lighting, the editing helps pull things together effectively.

The track is technically a duet with Zeek Burse who lends his own powerful vocals alongside Kelly’s. The two trade off responsibilities until the end where the combination of these two moving voices really seals the deal. Dark pop is a bit of a niche, and finding the appropriate visuals to augment it without leaning too heavily toward Billie Eilish or Hot Topic is a challenge in its own right. But it’s clear there’s chemistry at play here.

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