The Dollyrots – Night Owls

This is a punk record with layers and The Dollyrots have embarked on proving that they’re in it for the long haul, directing their sound like a red alert, a statement of intent. The band has also studded in lyrics, which are more meaningful, writing that sparks fury and rallies the crowd to the core of their significance.  

Night Owls proves that the band is more than just a punk outfit looking for praise and validation. They’re playing with confidence, taking the sound to the next level with technical bursts and solid rhythms. It isn’t a plain sailing punk record either, as there’s more to it.  

Lyrically, the band show their credentials as able songwriters, sometimes even delving into heartbreak and the past. It isn’t all roses and colourful outbursts, as the darkness does show at points. This darkness shrouds the light at times, and the band is left to fix their lives.  

5+5 starts the record off in style. Powerful percussion becomes this perfect base for the well-engineered riffs, and the vocals come in fast, rallying the punks into the light. When We’re Sober is more low-key and describes the pain and debilitating effects of alcoholism. That back-beat is great, and the song delivers melancholy.  

The Vow is another punk song with a grungy twist. The band is in their element here, and the song impacts technically, especially those refined guitar lines.  

The Dollyrots have created a punk LP with sobering lyrics and volatile musical arrangements. It’s another solid record from a supremely talented band.     

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