The Roseline – Constancy

Americana rock is in the ascendency here. Kansas five-piece The Roseline has embarked on creating something unique with their album Constancy. The act has done that and more. Their spirits are high on this release, their musical talents merge together with significance too, and the whole collection bursts with ingenuity. And this bubbling music has the power to take you on a journey through snapshots of beauty when beauty shouldn’t be permitted.

And the record isn’t edgy and doesn’t adhere to the moving pack of artists which tries to take on the world with songs produced too quickly. It’s clear these tracks have been honed and directed with professionalism. There isn’t a pick of the bunch, as they’re all instantly appealing, brought to the table as flamboyant morsels. The work that has gone into this is admirable, and you will hear these songs in blissful rooms where pain stands outside.

The workmanship is evident. The musicianship too. And over the course of Constancy, the music blooms and flourishes to the highest point, It isn’t for everyone, this, sound, but it creates a connection, it gives the listener a chance to explore new avenues and maybe it could alter their perceptions. Americana has its place, folk rock has its fans, and this album is a majestic foray into bright lights.

10 songs play out. Seven Hundred Second Chances is beautifully written with attention to detail. The vocals complement the acoustics and the tight percussion. Lyrically, a story has been produced with unlimited serenity. Joy merges well constructed instrumentals with powerful vocals and pride craves to burst from the seams. The electric guitar riffs add diversity. Catalpa soothes the mind, giving the listener time to reflect. These lyrics are poetic and immense. It’s a subtle change in direction.  

The Roseline redefines their genre. It’s a fresh take on subtlety and magic.

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