Two and a Half Girl – Evidence of a Broken Mind

This is a raw, this challenges the status quo, and this band means business. Evidence Of A Broken Mind is a record pushing the boundaries of punk rock, and Two And A Half Girl create pulsating, dramatic, decisive songs which stick in the head. Ferocious and technical, the tracks are crushing too, dynamic in their execution, but unapologetically put.

The record is rough around the edges, and there’s no limit to the rage, and those impactful guitar lines pulsate, and the band describes through their thought-provoking lyrics days spent looking at the world and hating what it has become. Broken and beat down, the act looks for love in strange places, rooms that spin, chaotic hubs of travesty. Their music has that jaggedness, though under it all, the band craves the light.

Two And A Half Girl want to kill repression, and they want to stave off their enemies. Every last piece of hope is used to keep the momentum going, and while nothing stops, the band still wants peace. Eighteen Months starts the record off with wonderful tones. The vocals aren’t fully apparent here but are still heard through the frantic pace. It’s a frenetic beginning.

Younger Years begins ferociously, and the instrumentals keep it alive. The song has a memorable chorus that doesn’t fall flat. Again, there’s no let-up. Searching For Relief explodes with a dirty riff and volatile vocals, pushing the punk sound to the summit. It’s a song for the outspoken.

This band is punk through and through and their record shows that they’re taking on the world, bit by bit.

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